Thank to our customers for letting us know how happy they are! We appreciate you so much!

Matt P. from Texas was thrilled with his tub. He said that he couldn't be happier, and that it was exactly what he had been needing for his operation! He said that if anyone wanted to speak with him personally for me to give them his phone number. We have spoken with several people who know him that told us he has been showing his tub to everyone. We are so glad that he is that happy!

Charles R. from Oklahoma texted me with these words: "Works Great!!!"

Paula from Utah emailed me. Her husband called it "sweet". She said, "No one got kicked or toes stomped on etc... The calves waked into the calf table calmly, not stirred up a bit. It's going to take a while to train the crew, but it's going to work great! Thanks again and again and again! 

Larry G. from Texas texted me simply: "It worked Great!"